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Dave Evans

Dave Evans manipulates ‘thin’ materials, such as foil, plastic and paper, to construct works that evoke a sense how our experience of time oscillates through a range, from the internal and subjective to exterior, cosmic or geological. Evans explore how these conceptions become ‘compressed’ together into what Henri Bergson called ‘duree’, an infinitely unfurling muliplicity of experiences of the world in which ‘novelty is constantly springing forth and evolution is creative.’


Inspired by a DVD box set of Original Series Star Trek, and it’s ability, through an economy of means, to introduce cosmic time scales into the consciousness (Tomorrow is Yesterday: Mission Stardate 3112.2) Evans co-opts the B-Movie aesthetic of paper mache planetary landscapes and pushes it to a more refined conclusion.  Ever wary of the clichés of sci-fi fanboyism, Evans explores the inherent limitations of the genre (humankind’s inability to predict the future) while celebrating the creative impulse to generate this imagery and attempt to apprehend the flow of time. Lightweight materials are compressed, polished and layered, to build strata, imprisoning intensities, creating impressions of action which reference both the individual creative act and cosmic/geological motion.


Dave Evans was born in Liverpool in 1975. He studied sculpture at the University of Wolverhampton and printmaking at The Royal College of Art. He is a former director at The Royal Standard.


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