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Emma Curd

Emma Curd is an artist, researcher and educator. She is a PhD student at The Art and Design School at Liverpool John Moores University where she studies alternative mediation and education programmes in contemporary art institutions. She is also a co-founder of Quad Collective, an educational freelance group that works alongside art institutions such as Tate Liverpool and The Walker.

Emma’s practice is predominantly research based and draws on feminist theory and art practices. Her work focusses on female labour and manifests itself in the form of performances, actions and sculptural work. The work is referential of the ‘formless’ and usually includes abject materials; food, chewing gum, an old mattress, dust, dirt, spit and hair. The female body is important in the context of Emma’s work, which often leads to the exploration of taboo and social issues, as well as a desire to understand fetishisms.


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