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Emma Curd

Emma’s installations and sculptures focus on the tension between convention and nature, and the paradoxical forms that abject matter can take. Is the idea of finding ‘pleasure in disgust’ tantamount to an admission of the emptiness of our organized systems of epistemology? Emma encourages and manipulates her audience to be low to the floor, to be close to their base creations. It is an attempt to lead the audience to accept that humanity is complex, that we are forced to straddle the opposing forces of instinct and reason, pleasure and repulsion, and that perhaps the recognition that the natural repulsion felt toward our most base creations gives life to such an attraction.

Emma’s sculptures are often made with ‘formless’ materials such as bits of old mattress, dust, dirt, spit or hair. Using these materials she encourages her audience to recoil or squirm but also captures their curiosity and renders them unable to look or turn away. Her objects and sound pieces are often sexually charged, referencing the mouth and body.

Emma is an artist, curator, and a director at The Royal Standard. She is also a co-founder of Quad Collective and a PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University. Her recent exhibitions include Treat Yo Self, Sheffield (2015), Looking into the New World, Liverpool (2015), The Needle’s Eye, The Glass Factory, Liverpool (2014), For Immediate Release, Static Gallery, Liverpool (2014), Hisaachika Takahashi, Exhibition Research Centre, Liverpool (2014) and Stick Up, LJMU, Liverpool (2014).

Emma graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2012 where she studied Fine Art. In 2013 she undertook an MA in Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University where she met the co-founders of Quad Collective. Emma’s PhD will be an investigation and analysis of common languages and notions of usership in contemporary galleries. ‘Shared Language’ will conclude in a curated exhibition and a gallery text guide that critically analyses the use of the common languages that appear in contemporary galleries.

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