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Gregory Herbert

 Herbert’s work questions the need to be a trend setter. Herbert research explores the tangle of contradiction in art and questions what you thought it meant against what you wanted to it mean, the abstract against the representational, The Cool against the Banal.

“It was risky, however to brazenly chase the contemporary. These artist were gambling that future generations would understand the interplay between their materials and their imagery as signs of general and lasting issues —biopolitics, dematerialisation anxiety, networked life— rather thanks the soon-to-be-be-stale nowness.” Seth Price


Gregory Herbert (B. 1990, Liverpool, UK) is an artist and Director of The Royal Standard, Herbert studied Fine Art at Liverpool Hope University. His recent exhibitions include Bronze Dog, Göteborg, Sweden ~ ArtistComput , Office of Art, Design and Tech, Coventry ~ Company, Florida, Summerhall, Edinburgh (2016)~ Sell Out, Seize, Set The Controls From The Heart Of The Sun, Leeds (2016)~ Treat Yo Self, It’s all Tropical, Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2015) ~ Scouse House, Model, Syson Gallery, Nottingham (2015) and completed a residency in Nantes at Temple du gout, France (2016) In 2015 Herbert was commissioned by the Liverpool Biennial to produce a publication for Evertro a public artwork by Koo Jeong A x Wheelscape skateparks