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Hannah Tolmie

In reference to Disneyland; ‘When there is a fake – hippopotamus, dinosaur, sea serpent – it is not so much because it wouldn’t be possible to have the real equivalent, but because the public is meant to admire the perfection of the fake and it’s obedience to the program.’

– Umberto Eco.


Why do we hold such desires for the faux, the imitation and the substitute? Teasing and manipulating the audience to crave what Hannah places in front of them for a limited time before the realisation of what is really there. Hannah creates playful, exotic environments and items to tease and seduce. A deceitful light, an extra coat of gloss, an added rhinestone, a tacky temptation of superior standing. Hannah aims to make the viewer feel foolish for failing to recognise this extra embellishment or is she asking them to appreciate it? Feelings of either satisfaction or dissatisfaction usually remain questioning the initial excitement and lust toward the objects. Hannah tries to pass this onto the viewer to assess their desires and deceit of the superficial façade.



Eat Da Rich 3