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Henry Finney

The places portrayed Henry Finney’s work have taken inspiration from a variety of sources like everyday observations, memory, cinematography and music. Translating what he sees to a painting is the challenge that he enjoys most and the amount of energy that someone can put into a picture with such simple tools is what inspires him to keep his work lucid. Finney loves being boxed in.

-I didn’t mean tha’, he said.- It’s not the fact tha’ they went to fuckin’ art school that’s wrong with them. It’s – (jimmy was struggling.) –more to do with – (now he had something.) –the way their stuff, their songs like, are aimed at gits like themselves. Wankers with funny haircuts. An’ rich das. An’ fuck all else to do all day ‘cept prikin’ around with synths-

Roddy Doyle, The Commitments