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Jade French

I went from being an artist who makes things to an artist who makes things happen’

Jade French is an artist-facilitator, writer and researcher based in Liverpool, UK. Jade predominantly works alongside people with the label of learning disability to explore the intersections of art, disability and social change, often examining constructs of access, agency, status and inclusion through collaboratively producing, curating and commissioning visual art.

Jade is currently undertaking an AHRC funded practice-led PhD at the University of Leeds in collaboration with learning disability organisation Halton Speak Out and contemporary arts space Bluecoat.  As well as her academic work, Jade contributes regularly to Liverpool based arts and culture magazine The Double Negative and to the UK wide Disability Arts Online, as well The Skinny and The Conversation.  In 2016 Jade’s contribution to arts journalism regarding socially engaged art was recognised by the University of Leeds’ Women of Achievement Honours List.