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Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson (b. 1991, Wirral) is an artist who writes and assembles videos, performances and installations. He lays bare, complexities of emotion as experienced by a young, European male; from the absurd and the playful, to the dramatic and the hollow. He aspires to chase after honesty. He uses himself as material only in relation to the politics of technology, architecture, theory and history, of which his body is a participant. His work grows out of conversations and collaborations, lens-based play and writing.

Wilson devises film screenings, performances, artist talks, gigs, sound walks and reading tours as an instigator rather than a curator. He often organises on behalf of the nomadic artist-curator collective ‘Musée Imaginaire’ UK. In addition, he has also been commissioned to write about photography, films and exhibitions. His essay ‘Vex-Con-Cave’ was published in ‘Mirrors’: a book on the artist-photographer Dan Holdsworth. He was commissioned to write exhibition essays about the Finnish filmmaker Sini Pelkki, and in addition the British artist-curator duo Sam Watson and Eleanor Wright. He also writes exhibition reviews regularly for websites and He has undertaken projects with: (in reverse chronological order) Jerwood Space, London; Broadside, Newcastle; Sam Watson and Eleanor Wright at Drop City, Durham and Newcastle; Broadside, Newcastle; Resonance FM, London; Tate Britain, London; SENTINAL, Birmingham; A3 project Space, Birmingham; The Northern Charter, Newcastle; Departure Foundation, Sunderland; Fall Out Factory Gallery, Liverpool.


A Crack in the Window (3), 2014