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Kevin Hunt

Kevin Hunt is an artist based in Liverpool and is a former director of The Royal Standard, concurrently working on a number of curatorial projects alongside his practice as a sculptor and has a specific interest in artist-led activity. He constructs sculpture utilising the found and redundant, reconfiguring the detritus that surrounds us into linear and increasingly minimal structures that come to balance or are propped precariously.

A recent preoccupation with both handling and moving things around has come to manifest itself in an ongoing series of works that reveal an innate complexity within the simplest of actions, gestures and forms, exposing an inherent beauty in the unnoticed, whilst playfully tampering with the poetics of the found form.

“I’m really interested in the point where an object stops being just an object and becomes sculpture, becomes art. These things, before that gesture occurred, are often considered naff or tacky or construed as defunct in some way, sourcing unwanted materials in charity shops, junkyards or on eBay.

In fact the materiality and form that much of the stuff I come to use is comprised of is often really immaculate; having a certain sophistication that I believe bypasses any connotation of  being just a shitty necklace for instance and I like to think in becoming sculpture, this inherent sophistication is revealed and the objects are now free to exist as the things that they really are.”