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Meine Nacht

Meine Nacht is a small collective combining visual arts, music and live streamed events in a way that the directors describe as subtly avant-garde. Initially inspired by the back-street parties based in Berlin, Meine Nacht set out to create an alternative nightlife experience through it’s ‘Unseen Places’ series of events; seeking out un-used, and very much un-seen buildings/architecture in and around the city of Liverpool, holding intimate electronic music induced gatherings and thought provoking visual art installations in chosen alternative settings. Meine Nacht welcomes and commissions visual artists to display their work at each event, this works hand-in-hand with the live music aspect; showcasing musicians and DJ’s that are on the rise within the electronic music scene.
Meine Nacht was recently featured in The Guardian, Mixmag and Bido Lito! magazine among other notable publications.
The Directors of Meine Nacht; Orlagh Dooley best known as DJ/Producer ‘Or:la’ and Jessica Beaumont also DJ/Producer working under the alias ‘Beau Soutar’, are currently working on their next project – a record label called ‘Im Tanz’. Im Tanz, meaning ‘in the dance’ was originally set up to release material from the directors, this has now expanded and is providing opportunities for other producers/musicians within the underground electronic music scene. Set to launch in 2017, the label aims to provide a concept like never before via their physical vinyl releases.
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