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Pascal Bircher

Pascal Bircher was born in Redhill (UK) in 1972. He studied Display & Exhibition Design in Switzerland and in 2001 received a Fine Art bachelor’s degree from Central Saint Martins, London, from which time he lived and worked in Paris for fourteen years. Since 2016 he lives and works in Liverpool (UK).

Bircher’s work probes notions of origin, identity and memory, and our reliance on various forms of narrative, from the broad to the intimate. Interweaving personal and collective mythologies, using text, installation, sculpture, video and photographic works, his practice indulges and immerses itself in dissecting the edification processes, mechanisms, modalities, representations and interpretations of these notions, as well as the ways in which they evolve and mutate.

He questions the phenomena of appearance, disappearance and reappearance of form and meaning over time. Through exploring the blind spots of our objectivity he toys with how we use an amalgam of fiction and reality to fill the voids, and bridge the gaps, of our perceptions.

Besides his art practice, Bircher has also worked as an assistant set designer, assistant art exhibition manager, art handler, art workshop director, lecturer, curator and freelance translator.