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Sally Slingsby

Sally Slingsby (b. 1995) is a visual artist based in Liverpool, UK.  Exploring the lexicon of online interaction, her recent series of work studies the intimate dialogue and customary behaviours expressed through Vlogging, a subculture formed on YouTube.Through interactive performance Slingsby’s work addresses issues relating to social control and the jurisdiction of behaviour when operating through online spaces.The directives of her performance draws a narrative between the mechanisms of social media and the censorship and distortion of how we function in reality. Slingsby has exhibited as a solo artist and in group shows throughout the UK, she is currently an artist in residence at The Royal Standard having been awarded the Poly Prize in July 2018. She co-founded artist-run collective YAW an initiative working to facilitate studio spaces for emerging artists with The Independents Biennial 2018. She is currently working with the engagements team at Bluecoat – Liverpool’s centre for the contemporary arts.