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I am a musician, music producer, composer and artist.

My work emerges from the desire to remember that no one knows if beauty is in the subjective eye of the beholder or if indeed there is a universal capital-B Beauty that is common to the universe. I like to express this in the smallest ways. Include shrill sounds next to suave melodies, whilst making sure everyone realises that most gender stereotypes are bullshit and should be abolished. An important issue that I want to put across in my work are ways to illustrate grey areas between the norm’s non-representative, polarised ways of representing masculinity and femininity in attitudes, styles and sexual orientation. I’m interested in sexuality and visual representations of sexuality and the beauty of sexuality. Through my work I look at the world in a more queer, colourful, non-conformist, sexy, but not heteronormative way. I hope.

Stream of consciousness: composing and writing and creating. I’m interested in the path as much as the goal. Sounds and words come spontaneously and in an improvised way. The sound of a word, the word of a sound, how it rolls of the tongue within the melody.

In 2013 I directed and composed the music for a queer burlesque cabaret show in Switzerland entitled “A Poil!” It sold out the Galpon Theatre three days in a row at in Geneva.

I working on a solo project. A selection of musical pieces planning to be released in early 2015. The sound is a blend of lo-fi pop and r’n’b and beats. I compose and record as well as research and create new sounds, texts and instruments, controllers and triggers to devise an audio visual live show for that musical project.

I just composed a piece for 7 clarinets that was performed at a new year’s party in Liverpool by… 7 clarinets…

Currently I work as a member of the noisy prog band Barberos collaborating with various visual artists on costumes, light and projection shows.

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