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We stand in solidarity with protests around the world to fight against racial violence, oppression and inequality. We often forget these issues are so heavily entrenched within Liverpool’s cultural history as a central part of the UK’s slave trade, with inequality still prevalent in our city and institutions today. 

There are massive problems with the infrastructure of the arts in our city, making it inaccessible, unrepresentative and unsafe for many, and we acknowledge that The Royal Standard has been part of this problem through our lack of positive action.

Our purpose is to be a platform for all emergent, early-career artists in Liverpool, providing them with the resources, space and support necessary to build a successful practice. But we acknowledge that we need to commit more time, energy and resources to ensure this support is relevant and useful to creatives from every background and community.

We are also aware that as an artist-led organisation in Liverpool with a platform, we have a responsibility to ensure that our Artists Leads, studio members and Trustees better reflect Liverpool’s diverse population. We will ensure that these opportunities and spaces are safe, open and welcoming to all.

We are currently in the process of educating ourselves and pursuing our commitment to Black Lives Matters into meaningful actions which will have lasting effect, and work on how we can ensure we embed anti-racism into our organisation; our structure, policies and programme. 


Our immediate actions include:

– We have formed a Working Group who are committed to ensuring that active anti-racism underpins our programming, recruitment, communications, studio membership, and future organisational structure 

– We will develop and publish a new relevant and meaningful Equality Policy, and Action Plan, which will sit at the heart of our new Business Plan

– All Artist Leads and Board of Trustees will go on Anti-racism training, as well as Facing Into Bias training

– We will share resources we have found useful when educating our team and use our social media to help amplify good work within Liverpool from and for the Black community


We recognise these steps are only scratching the surface of bigger issues, but we are committed to using them as a starting point from which to meaningfully address these issues in order to produce sustainable, long-term change.

We want to make The Royal Standard a safe place for everyone to use, enjoy and practice. We are open and receptive to criticism and feedback, please contact:

We want to highlight the excellent work being done by a number of organisations in Liverpool who support the Black community and are ran by Black organisers or Artists. 






Anthony Walker Foundation

A charity set up by Anthony Walker’s family after his racially motivated murder in 2005, which promotes racial harmony through education, sports and the arts. 

Victim Care Merseyside 

A space for women and children facing abuse, they prioritise the needs to Black and Racial minorities.

The Goddess Projects 

A platform which inspires, empowers and assists black women and women of colour to achieve through book clubs, talks and events.

Let’s Talk about Racism 

A platform which offers a safe space for people to talk and learn about racism. 




Refugee Women Connect  

A women-only charity set up to support and help women asylum seekers, refugees and survivors of trafficking build a safe life in the UK.

Mary Seacole House 

A service for local Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee people to gain support when struggling with mental illness.  

Migrant Artists Mutual Aid

A network of women, mothers, migrants, artists, academics and activists working to support members of their group who are seeking sanctuary and campaign for justice in the migration system.

Artists Fund Artists 

All donations up until the 1st of August will be redistributed to Black Artists. 





A self-published zine and social platform. They aim to promote, support and inspire creative people of colour within the North West.

BLK Liverpool

A platform set up to support, share and amplify Black voices in Liverpool. 


A grassroots festival based in Liverpool which showcases Black creatives working across artforms including dance, music, visual art, film, spoken word and theatre.

20 Stories High

A theatre company working with working-class and culturally diverse young people and artists.