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Poly Residency ‘6 GINS’ 2015

July - December 2015

6GINS was a curatorial residency that ran for six months at The Royal Standard. The space was led by James Worley and Lucy Bretherton (now an Artistic Director at The Royal Standard), who invited collaborators to respond to the space as they found it, as well as add, alter or remove anything they deemed fit. 6GINS was interested in differences.

Collaborators included: Lisa Hill (Leicester), James Cooke (Staffordshire), Ellie Hoskins (Cumbrian), Adam Carlton (Liverpool), Madeline Hall (Liverpool), Auto Italia (London) Frances Disley (Liverpool), Ryan Watkins (Liverpool), Tine Wille (Cologne), Helen Biles (Liverpool), Rose Wylie (London), Michelle Pang (London), Maria Zahle (Copenhagen), Joseph Cotgrave (Liverpool), Jennifer Campbell (London), LJMU NIGHT SCHOOL (Liverpool), Alice Brown (London), Phil Lllingworth (UK/France various), Seamus Killick (Glasgow), Melanie Russel (London), Devon Forrester -Jones (Liverpool), Ellie Pratt (London), Mathew Macaulay (Coventry), Alisha Hutchinson (Liverpool), Joseph Cotgrave (Liverpool).