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August 2018 - January 2019


Artist in residence Sally Slingsby

Event Programme :


A day in the life of an UNDERGRAD artist..

Date – 25.10.18

Location – Sally’s Studio TRS

Join me and a group of Fine Art undergraduates on the 25th of October at The Royal Standard for a collective discourse event, focusing on the life of an artist POST GRADUATION. We will be discussing jobs, residencies, lifestyles, mental health and the sustainability of one’s art practice out of university. The directive of this event is to address how institutions, universities and government led initiatives can implement constructive programmes and how effective they are at bridging the gap between leaving education and facilitating careers for creatives.

The positions in which undergraduates are finding themselves in is an increasingly important issue as is the negligence from those in higher positions who could implement change. The stereotypes attached to creative courses leading to non-relevant careers and unsteady incomes is one we all know too well, but we need to call attention to the reality young people are facing after education. This shared reality has to change, ‘A day in the life of an Undergrad Artist’ will be bringing some seriously important stuff to the table. If these issues have affected you, are affecting you or may affect you in future, COME AND GET INVOLVED!

Digital Art Social

Date – 19.11.18

Location – Sally’s Studio TRS

Join me on the 19th of November at The Royal Standard for a casual crit and networking session for all artists / creatives interested in digital / internet art. The evening will function as a social event to share & exchange ideas whilst championing the value of digital art through discussion, display and a bevvie (be it a brew or a beer).

This will be a great opportunity to share experiences, showcase work (optional) in the group crit, and discuss how one navigates a digital practice within the art world!

Performance art and the art of performing on the virtual and physical stage with Sally Slingsby, Joe Ramsden & Jack Cooper.

Date – TBC (November)

Location – Sally’s Studio TRS

A day in the life of an UNDERGRAD artist & co – MINIZINE Launch!

Date – January 19

Location – Sally’s Studio TRS

Join me at The Royal Standard to celebrate the launch of ‘A day in the life of an undergrad artist (& co)’ MINIZINE.

-A publication celebrating the movements of the incredibly talented young creatives working to support Liverpool’s emerging artists.

-A collective of interviews, stories, artworks and more from Liverpool’s creative community.

-Following Sally’s experience during her residency with The Royal Standard, detailing her movements supporting Liverpool’s emerging creatives through events, workshops and exhibitions.

Showcase – #DANST

Date – January 19

Location – Sally’s Studio TRS

Digital Artists Need Studios Too.