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Poly Residency ‘We The North’ 2017

1st March - 31st August 2017

We The North residency was programmed and ran by Philippa Hulse. The project was designed to platform and exhibit undergraduate artists in the North. For this Philippa performed studio visits at many universities and invited her chosen artists to The Royal Standard to exhibit in her space.  By offering up a space outside of their institutions, Philippa allowed these artists to travel to a new city and begin to create networks that they will be able to use once graduated.

Exhibition names and Collaborators included: Residue, BA LJMU students (Liverpool) WhY NoT NoW? Wet Nose Collective, (Sheffield Hallam University) NE -> NW , Double Yolk (Newcastle University) BISH, BASH, BOSH, Collection of final year and recently graduated Fine Art undergraduates (Various) Just Do, Do, Do (Learn to Say ‘Fuck You’ to the Art World Once in a While, You Have Every Right To), (Manchester)