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6 Feb - 22 Feb 2015

Mike Aitken / Jon Barraclough / Ellie Barrett / Hannah Bitowski / Sophie Bower / Mike Carney / Adam Cooper / Peter Cribley / Frances Disley / Dave Evans / Henry Finney / Keiron Finnety / Madeline Hall / James Harper / Joseph Hulme / Michael Lacey / Rachel Marcroft / Jo Marsh / Elizabeth Flannagan McCormick / Marianne McGurk / Flis Mitchell / Rosalind Nashashibi / Laurence Payot / Laura Rushton / Ulysses / Theodore Vass / Jack Welsh

The Royal Standard initiated a takeover of its galleries by its studio members.

Exhibited weekly over three events, each week offered a completely different group of artists, presenting a dynamic and diverse range of styles and mediums. BamBamBam offered freshly made works and newly formed collaborative performances.

Studio members were offered a platform which was experimental and encouraged risk taking, presenting works that were still in development to a public who would not otherwise view them.