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Clam Jam

4 Sept - 1 Nov 2015

Claudia Dance Wells / Chloe McClellan / Beth Shapeero / Sadie Williams / TASC – Amber Ablett and Stacey Bradfield
Curated by Ellie Barrett

There is such a thing as woman art. And I’m not sure having it all together in one place is right for today. It is a touch artificial, and maybe creates an imbalanced experience.  1

It’s a risk. […] And we like a lot of drama. 2

This show was not a response to limited exhibition opportunities for women artists.
This was not a showcase of artworks dealing overtly with the female body.
This exhibition did not eliminate through sabotage all aspects of society not relevant to women (everything), bring about a complete female takeover, eliminate the male sex and begin to create a swinging, groovy, out-of-sight female world.
This was where the ladies are at.

Clam Jam presented work made by emerging female artists. This playful title sought to uncover work that is gendered through construction, material and mass rather than through open dialogue with the body or gender construct.

As part of the exhibition programme, Amber Ablett and Stacy Brafield – collaborating as TASC – hosted Dare To Speak; a performance event using food and drink as a catalyst for open discussion.

1. Landau, S.; The Guardian: Stealing the Show, 2009
2. Morineau, C.; LA Times; At Paris’ Pompidou; the Year of Women, 2009