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Dark Matter Symposium: The Unseen World of Artist-led Activity

Saturday 3rd September

Dark Matter: The unseen world of artist-led activity, part of The Royal Standard’s ten year anniversary programme, will investigate the trials, tribulations and triumphs pf creating and sustaining artist-led organisations.

Our panellists will be discussing the struggle to secure spaces to house artist-led collectives and organisations; and the safety, security and future for artist-led activity. With contributions from MODEL, The Bluecoat, Penthouse, Supercollider, Seize Projects, Assembly House, East Street Arts, Paper Gallery, Islington Mill and The NewBridge Project amongst others.


The event was held on Saturday 3rd September
11am – 4pm
Frederik’s, 32 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 8BX

Panel Discussion 1 – 11:30-13:00:
Discussing the safety, security and future for artist-led organisations, chaired by Marie-Anne McQuay, Head of Programmes at Bluecoat.
Panellists include: Lester Drake (Assembly House & East Street Arts), David Hancock (Paper Gallery), Emma Thompson (Islington Mill), Charlotte Gregory (the NewBridge project) and Sarah-Joy (Seize Projects)

Panel Discussion 2 – 14:00-15:30:
Investigating the effects of space and location on artist-led activity, chaired by Kevin Hunt, co-director at MODEL and former director at The Royal Standard.
Panellists include: Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp (Penthouse MCR), Tom Ireland (Supercollider), Lara MacLeod and Peter Amoore (Rhubaba)