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Different Domain

6 Dec 2013 - 18 Jan 2014

Laura Buckley / Harry Burke / Jesse Darling / Bill Domonkos / Joe Hamilton and Aiden Morse / Sara Ludy / Alexandria McCrosky / Erica Scourti / Sabrina Ratte / Molly Soda

Occurring both online and in the gallery, Different Domain looked at the rapidly changing culture of art online and it’s relationship with the gallery. Using a variety of platforms – including The Royal Standard website, Twitter, google hangouts and two gallery based events – which combined video, live performance, still image, GIF animation, poetry and critical writing, the exhibition questions how an audience encounters and interacts with work online, and how does the physical exhibition situate itself within that experience? Different Domain examined the continually shifting contexts of art online.

A programme of performances and screenings from the exhibiting artists accompanied the exhibition featured in GIFs and Glitter; a one night extravaganza of internet culture converted the gallery space into a celebration of the highs and lows of online with music and entertainment programmed by Liverpool-based music, design and production collective Deep Hedonia. The event aimed to recreate the conditions of viewing art online, an informal environment where images from all parts of contemporary culture collide. A secondary event entitled Holding Space examined the impact of viewing through screenings.