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18 May - 19 May 2012

Jon Barraclough / Hannah Bitowski / Mike Carney / Adam Cooper / Rhonda Davies / Frances Disley / Dave Evans / Zoe Fagg / Henry Finney / Andrew Foulds / Kevin Hunt / Madeline Hall / Brigitte Jurack / Flis Mitchess / Elizabeth Murphy / Laurence Payot / Laura Robertson / Emily Speed / Tether / Linny Venables / Sam Venables / Matt Welch

Favela was a two day event celebrating the work of current studio members. For 48 hours, Favela occupied the entirety of The Royal Standard, integrating the gallery and studios. Using this new space to present a series of events, screenings, barbeques, beers, presentations, discussions, collaborative projects and exhibitions.

Subverting the traditional format of an open studio as an ‘event’, Favela aimed not to isolate individual pracitices confined to the work space but to understand how work and movements coalesce around the notion of an active artist community. By creating a multi-purpose social and education space, Favela questioned, discussed and celebrated the methodologies of building DIY communities and the organisation’s position within Liverpool’s existing networks.