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Get Your Crit Together!

20th June 2018

Words of encouragement, advice and constructive feedback from the teams behind The Royal Standard Gallery & Studios and The Double Negative online magazine!

Spend an evening talking to those who know more than a thing or two about producing and researching contemporary art events, exhibitions, fundraising, education, art writing and interpretation, and running creative businesses. Bring along your portfolio, works in progress, or any half-formed ideas and talk it all through in detail with us. We are all based in Liverpool, super friendly, and between us have many years of experience in the arts.

You can book onto any or all of FOUR surgeries specialising in;

1) art statements, writing, and interpretation;

2) collaboration, community and production;

3) curating and art direction; and

4) inclusivity, research and postgraduate study!

– AND know that all proceeds from this evening go to charity — towards making The Royal Standard’s artist-led studios the best it can be!

For tickets and more info visit the Eventbrite page!

Illustration by Emma Curd (2018)