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4 Jul - 10 Aug 2014

RC Cars become tools, explorers, sculptors and performers in a new installation and video work by Rob Chavasse. Split over two sites at The Royal Standard, opposing approaches to interaction were investigated. The first room featured a skewed formal exhibition display, as sculptures become components in an abstracted race course. Room two contained an immersive video projection as RC Cars engage with Liverpool’s architecture in a dumb, tactile manner. The opening night featured a performance as local drivers navigate around, over and through the sculptures.

Rob Chavasse works across a wide range of media frequently out-sourcing production, either through fabrication or computer simulation. Heavily influenced by the specific site, ridged conceptual frameworks are constructed to allow for the generation of work. Chavasse explores awkward or erroneous interactions, along various intersections between people, environment, object and art history. The resulting work takes the form of immersive environments, including installation, video and audio work.