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Global Studio

9 Apr - 20 Jun 2010

Craig Atkinson / Andrew Bracey / Helen Brown / Jim Busco / Mike Carney / Ameila Crouch / Ross Dalziel / Leo Durand / Jemma Egan / Stephen Forge / Andy Foulds / Madeline Hall / Aaron Head / Natalie Hughes / Karin Kihlberg and Reuben Henry / Michael Lent / Katherine Lloyd / LOW PROFILE / Lucy MacDonald / Susan Massey / Nicki McCubbing / Hamish McLain / Laurence Payot / Richard Profitt / Laura Robertson / Rubric / Aillie Rutherford / Emily Speed / Andrew Sunderland / Sam Venables


The Bluecoat, Liverpool

Artists form different parts of the world in collaboration for an exhibition at the Bluecoat. Global Studio showcases the work of Liverpool artists who have forged international networks outside of the city.

This event was comprised of 4 parts.

Part 1:
The Royal Standard studio artists exhibited their work in the Bluecoat gallery.

Part 2, Thinking Outside the Box:
Hamish McLain has initiated a group exhibition looking outside of his own painting to see how artists working in their own mediums realise their ideas. The exhibition engaged with issues of place and how experience affects our response to different environments through painting, sculpture video, text and photography.

Part 3, TRACE:
Curated by Laurence Payot, this exhibition questioned the meaning of documentation in today’s art practice, where networks are extending globally, forcing artists to give access to their work beyond its local presentation. The works presented revealed how documentation has played a vital roles in art throughout the years and how contemporary artists use the concept of documenting not only as a trace but as an integral part of the work

Part 4, The Tiny Touring Round The World Exhibition:
Curated by Kevin Hunt, this was a collection of artworks and documentation generated through encounters with artists and curators on a recent trip across the globe. Hunt carried a selection of Liverpool based artists in his backpack. By pushing accepted notions of collection, acquisition, production and display, the Tiny Touring Round the World Exhibition aimed to realise new modes of engagement, simultaneously on a global and miniature scale. Working as an artist and curating within his current locality at any given time, Hunt forged international links between Liverpool and abroad.

Part 5, Trap: The Matterhorn:
Curated by Jemma Egan, this exhibition transported the viewer to the base of one of the most iconic mountains in the world and granting the opportunity to pose in front of the stunning vista. The installation will raise questions about the authenticity of the commercialised tourist experience. Visitors were invited to view the bogus attraction in order to create a synthetic memory of their ‘trip’ to the Matterhorn.