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I Can’t Follow You If You Don’t Move

13 May - 9 Jun 2011

Graeme Durant / Andrew Maughan


The Royal Standard, Vauxhall Business Estate / Space Gallery, Newcastle / Rogue Studios, Manchester / Northend Gallery, Detroit


A two-person exhibition of works by Andrew Maughan and Graeme Durant invited a dialogue to emerge between two different artistic approaches.


The pairing was based on a shared understanding within their individual practices of the interchange between the processes of thinking and making. By addressing the format of the collaborative exhibition model and the comic double-act, the work of Maughan and Durant confidently exposed the moments where cohesion and dissonance – or slippage – takes place.


Maughan’s paintings reflect on both the art world and current consumer culture. Employing anti-aesthetic strategies, Maughan uses a pallet of garish colours and pastel tones to present a visually complex and chaotic response to daily life.
Durant is a gatherer of redundant domestic and industrial objects. Through a process of recycling, improvisation and low-tech construction methodologies, he attaches new meaning to the original materials. Durant reorders a formalist sculptural vocabulary of form, volume and matter creating objects brimming with possibility.