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7 Nov - 25 Nov 2012

For the Liverpool Biennial programme Service Provider, FormContent conceived a new part of its on-going programme It’s Moving From I to It. This new scene, which fictionalises the relationship between host and guest, is framed by location, character and time.

What happens when all characters leave the stage?

FormContent is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 currently directed by Francesco Pedraglio and Pieternel Vermoortel with Anca Rujoiu as curator. Established as a curatorial project-space in London, FormContent gained international recognition through an experimental curatorial approach, collaborative endeavours and engagement with innovative artistic practices while producing new works. After five years of intense work, more than 35 exhibitions inside and outside the UK, and a programme of performances, events, publications and commissions, FormContent closed its space to work on It’s moving from I to It. With a nomadic format and limited time span, It’s moving from I to It uses fiction as its main tool to reflect on cultural production. The programme takes the format of a script and develops gradually through insertion of scenes, which may be commissioned texts, events or exhibitions, based on an outline written by FormContent.