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Let The Hands Do The Talking

13th April - 17th May 2019

Opening Night – Friday 12th 6-9pm

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Let The Hands Do The Talking reveals the potential for learning through touch. Can shifting the attention from outcome to process enable art to become a universal and inclusive language?

The exhibition explores the value of experiencing the artist’s making process. Highlighting how artworks are made, whilst addressing the evolving nature of arts practices, it examines the notion that value is added to art through touch, play and discussion.

Artists have been invited because of their use of material, making work that explores the connection between our experiences and the material world. Surrounding the exhibition, there will be the opportunity to engage in a series of free workshops with the artists. Expect a growing clay pot, biomorphic creatures, MacGuffins and adventures in seeing.




6/7/8/9th April 12-6pm // Big Clay Pot Building with Christine Stevens

Join Christine Stevens to build a woman-sized clay pot in the gallery. Drop in or stay the day.


7th April 12-6pm // Big Clay Pot Building with Christine Stevens and Refugee Women Connect

Joined by Refugee Women Connect, we will continue building a clay pot in the gallery. Pot luck dinner from 1pm. Please bring a dish.


16/17/18th April 11-12 & 1-2pm // Adventures in Seeing with Blue Room

Blue Room artists from Bluecoat’s inclusive arts project will be in the gallery delivering this playful workshop, which shows the process that resulted in their collaborative works on display.


16/17/18th April 11-12 & 1-2pm // Studio tours

We will be opening The Royal Standard studios. Come along, see behind the scenes and meet some of our studio members.


4th May 2-5pm // Biomorphosis with Millie Layton

A fiendish workshop, in which we will carve and construct a new family of creatures, using traditional methods of clay sculpting and casting.


5th May 2-3.30pm // Art Club with Mimi Winsor

Art Club and artist Mimi Winsor join us to discuss the exhibition.


All events are free to attend.


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