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LightNight at Home : Angels by Laurence Payot

15th May 2020

Celebrating the courage, optimism and aspirations of displaced people, artist Laurence Payot worked with asylum seekers and refugee participants from across the UK to create a series of audio and visual portraits. Participants shared everything from childhood lullabies remembered from their home country to the things that make them happy in their new homes – reminding us to find strength in the things that comfort us when coping with difficult situations.

For LightNight, ‘Angels’ would have originally been projected in Ropewalks Square sharing different perspectives on the concept of home from around the world with passers-by. The series empathises how home can be found in the things you carry with you, no matter where life takes you or where you travel – our spiritual beliefs, routines, cooking recipes – home is within us all.

LightNight has is now launching their programme for 2020 online, LightNight at Home is sharing all works digitally which would have been shown live.

‘Angels’ was originally funded by Arts Council England, and created in partnership with ArtReach and Cities of Sanctuary. For LightNight, Payot’s project is supported by The Royal Standard.