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23 Feb - 28 Feb 2009

Jo Addison / Craig Atkinsons / Ayling and Conroy / Sovay Berriman / David Blandy / Andrew Bracey / Shane Bradford / Rhys Coren / Michael Cousin / Martyn Cross / Fiona Curran / Gordon Dalton / Craig Fisher / James R Ford / Stephen Forge / Adam Goodge / Lesley Halliwell / Sean Hawkridge / Aaron Head / Neil Hedger / Toby Huddlestone / Hilary Jack / Brendan Jamison / David Kefford / Simon Liddiment / Hayley Lock / Nicki McCubbing / Kate Parrott / Dan Perjovski / Chris Poolman / Liz Rowe / Sam Venables / Nick White / Rachel Wilberforce / Jeremy Willett

SALE transformed the white walled galleries at The Royal Standard into an art superstore stocked with hundreds of artworks selected from the most exciting emerging and more established artists from the UK and beyond.

SALE presented special offers to tempt you into buying that ‘must have’ artwork. With prices from a few pounds to a few thousand, fluctuating throughout the show as artists’ profiles soar and dive-it was up to the customer to buy when the price was right.