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Sci-Fi Shorts

04 Jun 2014

James Marsh / Tricia McLaughlin / Jonathan Monaghan

As part of the Related Events Programme for Science Fiction: New Death at FACT, The Royal Standard partnered with the network for moving image artists, Outcasting, for another iteration of Testing Bed.

This programme of experimental events was designed to explore ways in which both of the participating organisations can expand their programming, establish new relationships, and strengthen existing ones.

For this screening, Outcasting showed three films, ‘Mothership’ by Jonathan Monaghan, ‘Good Enough for the People’ by Tricia McLaughlin, ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’ by James Marsh. These films have a strong sense of the unreal, the disastrous and the uncanny; reflecting the undercurrents of dissent, dissatisfaction, and dis-ease which flow through the exhibition at FACT.