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16 Oct - 18 Oct 2015

Ellie Barrett / Emma Curd / Gregory Herbert / Keiron Finnety / Madeline Hall / James Harper / Jack Welsh
Guest curated by Laura Roberson

For Sluice art fair 2015, The Royal Standard presented d’Caffeinated – half art fair stall, half coffee shop – exhibiting and selling limited edition art objects from studio members.

The Royal Standard commissioned studio members to design a limited edition label which would comprise of a selection of seven glass bottles containing cold brewed coffee.

Experimenting with how art is bought, sold and consumed along with The Royal Standard’s role in the commercial art fair, the current directors offered fair goers the chance to purchase a piece of art, which was then arguably destroyed if the coffee was no longer inside; the art object ceases to be an art object if the contents are consumed in the art space.