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The Agency

6 Oct - 21 Oct 2012

Searching for a sense of value, Dundee-based GENERATORprojects were packaged and sold to a consuming public, lead by Head of Sales and invited artist Catrin Jeans. From shop fit to live office environment, The Agency functioned as a platform from which the role of the artist-led space was dissected within the context of the Liverpool Biennial. Bureaucracy was established and training days were held for the current GENERATORprojects committee as Jeans played with the power structures of the organisation and explored the role of the individual committee member as a service provider against the backdrop of the voluntary nature of the position. The culmination of the two-week project was an event hosted by Jeans that juxtaposed and punctuated the precursory disambiguation of place. The Agency was a paradigm of the cultural economy, an articulation of the values of an artist-led space through the commodification of another.