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The Narrators

10 Oct - 17 Nov 2013

Liliane Lijn / Simon Martin / Nashashibi/Skaer / Susan Philipsz / Elizabeth Price

Andrea Alessi / Anna Barriball / Becky Beasley / John Cage / Kenelm Cox / Chris Evans / Louise Hopkins / Mauricio Kagel / E’wao Kagoshima / Joseph Mayer manuscripts / Walter de Maria / George du Maurier / Bernard Meadows / Francois Morellet / Aiko Miyawaki / Auguste Rodin / Lucy Skaer / Joanne Tatham / Tom O’Sullivan

An exhibition of film, video and sound work selected from the Arts Council Collection. The exhibition looked at the ways in which these works generate and weave alternate narratives and histories around existing objects, archives and collections. It considered the shifting materiality, value and meaning of an object when it is experienced aurally and as a moving image.

Each work dealt with themes of place, location and how narrative is woven through gesture and situation, drawing upon portrait and archive to demonstrate personal subject matter. How can we decipher the meaning and value of an inanimate object, and how can we challenge our initial perception of the narrative scene?

The Walker Art Gallery showed further works from the Arts Council Collection alongside key works from their collection. The exhibition at The Royal Standard was accompanied by Liliane Lijn in conversation with Rosie Cooper.