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The Royal Standard Christmas Party 2018!

8th December 2018

During the evening we’ll have lots of events and things happening to get your teeth stuck into!

• ‘Not-so-ghetto-golf’
• Pot Luck Dinner
• Games
• Auction
• DJs and performances
•Late night music brought by Chemtrail Party Mix, a group of donk-loving conspiracy theorists based from Drop the DumBulls Gallery! Featuring bangers from the ‘Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience’ and ‘DJ Sh*tstomper’
• And much, much more!!

Come along and support The Royal Standard in our studios in the Cains Brewery Village. The money raised will go straight back into the studios and making sure that we are better equipped to be used as a public resource for the artist-led community in Liverpool.

The party will go on from 6pm until late into the night as always, and we’ll see where the night takes us after that! All kinds of entertainment will be happening throughout the evening so make sure you get down before missing all the events going on!

There will be prizes for the best-voted dish at the dinner!

Pot Luck Dinner-7pm
DJs and games throughout!

If you would like to participate in the Pot Luck Dinner, please bring a dish of something you are proud of: be it a plate of Doritos, hand-crafted canapés or just something really tasty! If you do not want to bring food, you will still be able to participate in the eating, but you will not be in the running for a prize!

The auction will be open to all, please email us at or drop us a message on social media if you would like further information about putting work in! This should be a great opportunity to buy artwork from a range of local artists, whilst helping to support their careers and maybe getting a couple of cheeky Christmas presents for family and friends along the way.

This is a ticketed event and will begin at 6pm. Studio members get in for free. Tickets are available on Eventbrite for £5 per entry and will include a free drink on arrival. Don’t worry too much about bring cash for the auction as a card machine will be available for those who just can’t leave without bidding on their dream piece of art.

We hope to see you on the night!