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This Is It

14 Sep - 30 Sep 2012

When you’re talking about the fall of an empire or the loss of an icon, at what point do you become aware of destruction and embrace it?

This Is It incorporated an installation, a parade float, a studio production space and a series of public events which are used as tools to capture and unpick the way the human race recognises, records and responds to history that has happened, is currently happening and will happen in the future.

During This Is It, Tether hosted two artist cook nights, an all night discussion, a cocktail party, a screening and a parade float. This drew on the organisation’s activities, including the opening of a temporary bar in Nottingham, and examining an interest in creating intimate, informal meals for a few people which pioneer authenticity. To conclude the event series, the parade float ventured out into Liverpool to interact with other events and exhibitions taking place as part of the Biennial.