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Toilet Time Compression

26 Jun 2015

Continuing the programme of events for The Royal Standard: LIVE!, Jake Laffoley presented live event Toilet Time Compression.

For two hours, visitors were invited into the blank gallery space and provided with food and drink. Toilet breaks were monitored by a security guard employed by Laffoley who timed and ended each visit to the rest-room.

Laffoley’s practice often concerns research into labour. How do we define it? What are its conditions? Who is performing labour, and on whose terms? Querying new and increasingly bizarre methods to measure workplace productivity, Toilet time-compression explores the traditional regulation of time, and asks whether the dynamics of our life, social space, and possibility for political action would be diminished if timed so precisely. It examines the idea that the one place in which you can feel like you can escape, to not be surveyed, has all of a sudden become governed by an algorithmic ideology.